Code of Conduct

Red River Rising Code of Conduct

We will create an energetic, positive, and enjoyable atmosphere at games and any official Red River Rising events. That will include:

  • Singing
  • Standing
  • Chanting
  • Drums
  • Flags
  • Smoke

We stand for:

  • Our club
  • Our city
  • Positivity
  • Inclusion
  • Each other


We will not stand for:

  • Intolerance of any type
    • No racism, sexism, homophobia
  • Fighting, inciting violence, or excessive aggression
  • Entering the field of play
  • Disorderly or illegal activity


Red River Rising is responsible to monitor the behaviour of its members and will take the appropriate action based on that behaviour.

Sanctions include warnings, suspensions, or full bans.

The violations will be reviewed by the Red River Rising board and sanctions will be handed out based on severity and frequency.

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