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Our first home game is May 4th!  We have big plans to bring an incredible atmosphere for Valour FC’s first game (and all games for that matter!)

We will have a march to the stadium (with flags, singing, drums and smoke) for home games.

March to the Match – General Plan (Specific game day info below)

We will march to the match from Nicolino’s Restaurant and Lounge at 2077 Pembina Highway.

The march will begin approximately 1 hour before kick off – but times may vary depending any special presentations, tifo, or other events during the season.

The route for the march is as follows:

  • Depart Nicolino’s and walk south on Pembina Highway
  • Cross Pembina Highway safely at the marked crosswalk at Thatcher Drive
  • Continue on Thatcher Drive to University Crescent
  • Turn Right on University Crescent and continue to the stadium
  • Gather in the area outside of Gate 3
  • Wave flags and sing songs to enter the stadium!



Supporters’ Section Rules

What you’re allowed to bring

  • Flags on PVC poles that are no larger than ½ inch diameter and no longer than 5 feet (60 inches or 150 centimetres) long
  • Small banners (under 60 inches x 60 inches) on poles that are no larger than ½ inch diameter and no longer than 5 feet long (i.e. two sticks)
  • Small signs or images (under 60” x 60”)
  • Your voice

What you’re not allowed to bring

  • Flag poles that are rigid or larger than ½ inch in diameter or longer than 5 feet
  • Smoke bombs, flares, or other fireworks
  • Signs or banners with offensive language or messages

Other key items:

  • If you are caught with either smoke bombs or flares in the stadium you will face a lifetime stadium ban and possible criminal charges
  • You may not stand or sit in aisles – this is a fire hazard
    • You must occupy a seat in the section when viewing the game – you may stand at your seat for the entire game if you like
    • Failure to follow this will lead to a talking to by security, and possible ejection from the game
  • You must follow the Red River Rising Code of Conduct at all times
    • The Code can be found here
  • There will be persistent standing, singing, chanting, drums, and flags in the section – if you are bringing guests please make them aware of what to expect and the atmosphere we will create
  • Please arrive in your seat early to ensure we give the proper welcome to the team
    • We will coordinate tifo and other presentations before kick off so we’ll need everyone’s help to make it great


To view the Valour FC 2019 schedule click here.

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