The 2022 Season

As we gear up for our home opener tomorrow, we want to update everyone on our plans for the season.

Similar to past seasons, we will march to the match from Nicolino’s parking lot, the Kings Head will be running a shuttle bus to and from all home games and the Kings Head will be showing all away games.

March to the Match

Our march will leave the Nicolino’s parking lot 1 hour before kick-off each game, and on the days when Nicolino’s is open, we will gather earlier for drinks.  Nicolino’s isn’t open on Sundays, but they may open for some Valour games during the season.  If there are Sunday’s that they open, we will promote that on our social media channels.  Nicolino’s opens tomorrow at 12:00 pm.  If you can, join us for a few pre-game drinks.  We’ll leave the parking lot at 1:00 pm and will gather in the stadium at the new beer garden.   

During the march, we’ll wave flags and sing.  Smoke is encouraged. If you would like to bring some, you can purchase it at Archangel Fireworks.  If you do bring smoke on the march, please be mindful that it can be an irritant for some people with asma, so it should be lit toward the back of the march.

Kings Head Shuttle

If you plan to take the Kings Head shuttle to the game, you can purchase the $5 shuttle pass on their website here.  


It’s been a while since we were together in the stands, so if you need a refresher on our songs and lyrics, you can find them all on our website here and on our Instagram Songs account here

We plan to stay loud for the full 90 this season.  This might mean we repeat the easier songs a lot during the early games.  The repetition might feel a little boring, but it’s important to remember this is about our boys on the pitch.  We want them to hear us and know we are with them the entire game. 


We have purchased a few new flags, and plan to add more throughout the season.  If you see a flag near you, pick it up and wave it as the players enter the pitch, at kick-off, during goal celebrations and at the end of the game.  Waiving the flags along with our songs helps build a presence and atmosphere that the players can both see and hear.  Please remember however, to lower the flags during play.

Since 2019 we have lost a number of flags.  Please do leave the flags in the stadium at the end of the game.  You can either bring them down to the front at the end, or leave it where you found it and we will come around and collect it.

2022 Scarf Pre-Order

We are currently taking pre-orders for our 2022 scarf.  We will order a few extra, but we recommend pre-ordering to ensure there is a scarf available for you.

You can order the scarf for $25 here:

It’s less than 24 hours to our home opener!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the stands for what looks to be a beautiful day.  #For Valour

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