The Trench on the Road

The Spring season is over, and wow was that a busy couple of months!  June alone was packed, between Valour games, the Voyageurs Cup, Gold Cup and World Cup.  On July 2nd, as I looked ahead to 16 days without any games, it almost felt like a welcome reprieve.  But after 6 days, I’m already feeling a little bit of withdrawal.  And we are facing a long 3 weeks before we can get back to The Trench on July 27th. If, like me, you are looking for ways to keep the support going through July, I highly recommend travelling to an away game.  It’s a fun way to connect with other travelling supporters, and there is a comraderie  that comes while supporting on the road.  With 276 people in our section, it’s hard to get to know everyone and away days […]

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