Away Games

For those traveling to away games, ticketing information will be updated as we receive it.
DateTimeVs.LocationAway ViewingTickets
Apr 16 (Sun)1:00 pm CDTYork York Lions StadiumThe Kings HeadTBA
Apr 30 (Sun)4:00 pm CDTCavalryAtco FieldThe Kings Head401- 402 (Code: Away)
May 13 (Sat)3:00 pm CDT ForgeTim Horton’s fieldThe Kings HeadTBA
May 28 (Sun)7:00 pm CDT Vancouver Willoughby Comm. ParkThe Kings HeadTBA
Jun 10 (Sat)2:00 pm CDT HFX Wanderers GroundsThe Kings HeadTBA
Jun 21 (Wed) 9:00 pm CDTPacific Starlight StadiumThe Kings HeadTBA
Jul 9 (Sun) 3:00 pm CDTAtlético TD PlaceThe Kings HeadTBA
Jul 15 (Sat)6:00 pm CDTForgeTim Horton’s fieldTBATBA
Aug 6 (Sun)4:00 pm CDTVancouver Willoughby Comm. ParkTBATBA
Aug 26 (Sat) 2:00 pm CDTHFX Wanderers GroundsTBATBA
Sep 2 (Sat) 3:00 pm CDTPacificStarlight StadiumTBATBA
Sep 8 (Fri)6:00 pm CDTYork York Lions StadiumTBATBA
Sep 24 (Sun) 1:00 pm CDTAtlético TD PlaceTBATBA
Sep 29 (Fri) 8:00 pm CDTCavalryAtco FieldTBA401- 402 (Code: Away)
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