1.1. This group shall be called Red River Rising Supporter’s Association, hereinafter referred to in this document as Red River Rising.

1.2. This group shall also be known by the alternate name of “RRR”.


2.1. We, Red River Rising, are an independently operated Supporter’s Association organized to promote the game of soccer in Winnipeg, and to support Valour FC.

Our vision is to be unmistakeable in our identity at the stadium and in the community.  We will leave a positive and lasting impression before, during and after games.  We will be the driving force behind the team.


3.1. Support Valour FC vigorously even if we are losing the game via stadium noise (songs, chants, drums, etc.) and visual displays at IG Field.

3.2. Facilitate Communication amongst Red River Rising Members.

3.3. Facilitate communication between Red River Rising Members and Valour FC, other Valour FC fans, other Valour FC supporter’s groups, other teams’ supporter’s groups and the Canadian Premiere League (CanPL)

3.4. Represent the interests of Red River Rising membership.

3.5. As an Independent Supporters Association we abstain from party politics and do not participate in political campaigning. However, we maintain that human rights are not political and we may participate in activities that could be construed as political depending on what definition is used.


4.1 By becoming a Member of Red River Rising, an individual agrees to the articles of these Bylaws and promises to uphold the spirit in which they were written.

4.2 No alteration of the Bylaws may be made except at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) called for this purpose.

4.3 Amendments to the Bylaws must be proposed to the full Board of Directors in writing. 

4.4 Any change to the Bylaws shall require approval by a two-thirds majority of the Members present at an AGM or EGM called for this purpose.

4.5 Any matter not addressed in these Bylaws shall be evaluated by the Red River Rising Board of Directors, whose decision shall be deemed final.


5.1 A “Member is defined as one who has paid membership dues to Red River Rising for said year and has abided by the “Rules of Conduct”.

5.2 Membership dues will be announced and set for the year at the AGM.

5.3. Membership dues are not refundable.

5.4. The full membership details will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

5.5. Members are required to follow all regulations outlined in the Bylaws.

5.6. Once ratified, annual membership dues and benefits will be communicated to the group on Red River Rising’s website.


6.1 Members are expected to avoid any behaviour that would be considered detrimental to the image or Red River Rising. This includes, but is not limited to, bigotry (based on race, gender, religion, disability, or sexual orientation), violence, disorderly or illegal activity, or entering the pitch at any time.

6.1.1. Individuals who break these rules may be given a verbal warning if the infraction is light enough, or the person may even be subject to a ban from the section and/or away travel. Minor infractions will receive a yellow card. Only major infractions will receive a red card. Two yellow cards equal a red card.

The severity of a conduct violation will be determined by the Red River Rising Board.

6.1.2. Yellow Card | Warning – A yellow card given in the first half of the season applies for the rest of that season and will not apply the following season.

A yellow card given in the second half of the season applies for the rest of that season and half of the following season. Red Card | Ban – A red card at any time applies for the rest of that season and for the entirety of the next season. Offending Members have the right to meet with the Board of Directors before expulsion occurs.

6.3.  Members will be responsible for reporting all match day issues or complaints to a Member of the Board of Directors.


7.1. Ensure and safeguard the independent status of Red River Rising.

7.2. Represent the interests of the membership of Red River Rising in all aspects.

7.3. Represent the membership of Red River Rising in meetings with Valour FC, CanPL, or other associated entities (visiting teams, potential ownership groups, etc.).

7.4. Organize all aspect of general membership and Board of Director meetings at the AGM and ay EGMs.

7.5. Organize all aspects of general membership and Board of Director meetings at the AGM and any EGMs.

7.5.1. President The President will act as the primary Red River Rising representative & liaison between Red River Rising membership and Valour FC. The President will schedule an AGM as well as any EGM deemed necessary. The President will delegate all necessary responsibilities not otherwise outlined in these Bylaws to other members.

7.5.2. Vice President The Vice President assumes all duties of President of Red River Rising in their absence. The Vice President is a secondary liaison and representative between Red River Rising membership and Valour FC. The Vice President facilitates all votes amongst members of the Board of Directors and the general membership. The Vice President enforces the rules and regulations of the Bylaws.

7.5.3. Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for collecting all membership dues and maintaining a budget for the fiscal year. The Treasurer will maintain a membership log that lists dues collected from all Red River Rising members. The Treasurer will maintain accurate records of receipts and invoices for all purchases and reimbursements. The Treasurer will file all necessary taxes for Red River Rising. Financial agreements between Red River Rising and other organizations or businesses for services rendered to Members of Red River Rising must be documented by a written financial agreement approved by the President and Treasurer.

7.6.4. Secretary The Secretary will record minutes at every meeting of the Board of Directors, AGM, and EGM. The Secretary will maintain a membership log which will detail all major decisions and code of conduct infractions.

7.6.5. Directors-at-Large Up to four (4) Directors-at-Large positions may be added to the Board of Directors at future AGMs. The duties of the Directors-at-Large will be determined by the President.

7.7. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Directors-at-Large shall remain in place for two (2) calendar years, or until said Board member resigns, or is removed.

7.8. Elections for President, Secretary, and two (2) Director-at-Large positions will occur on even-numbered years. Elections for Vice President, Treasurer, and the other two (2) Director-at-Large positions will occur on odd-numbered years.

7.9. Should the conduct of any member of the Board of Directors be deemed detrimental to Red River Rising, a unanimous vote of the other members of the Board of Directors will be required to remove that Board member.

7.10. Members of the Board of Directors will have the power to create committees and shall prescribe the function of any committee.

7.11. No Members shall be permitted to run for or hold Board of Director position if he or she is employed by or holds a leadership position in the Valour FC organization, or any organization directly affiliated with Valour FC.  This includes, but is not limited to, CanPL, youth academies, and other supporter’s groups.

7.12. Red River Rising Board Members must be at least 18 years old.

7.13. A person cannot run for more than one board position at a time.


8.1. Members will be given at least thirty (30) days notice of the AGM, which will be held during the off season each year.

8.2. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditures and shall report on the sate of such accounts at the AGM.

8.3. Only Members in good standing are entitled to vote at an AGM or EGM.

8.4. If a Member cannot attend the AGM, they must inform the Secretary at least 24 hours before the election so that the President can approve their absentee vote via email or phone call.

8.5. Non-dues-paying attendees or Members’ guests at the AGM or EGM may have the right to speak, at the discretion of the President, but not to vote.

8.6. Members are entitled to stand for election as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Director-at-Large, provided they have been a Member for at least one (1) year and they are nominated by one Board member.

8.7. There shall be a full disclosure of all nominees’ membership history before all elections.

8.8. Where two (2) candidates are contesting a Board Member position, and a tied vote occurs, the winning candidate will be decided by a balloted vote of the outgoing Board Members.

8.9. Should the President’s position become vacant prior to AGM, it will be offered first to the Vice President who may opt to take said Presidency over for the remainder of the term.

8.10. Should any other Board Member position become vacant during their term, the position will be filled at the next AGM.

8.11. All votes will be called and organized by the Vice President during the AGM or any EGM.

8.12. Requests by Members for an EGM should be served to the President or Vice President in writing and must have the signatures of three Members in support of request.

8.13. Two-thirds of the members of the Board must vote in favour of holding an EGM for it to be held, and a decision shall be given to the requestors within seven (7) days.  If approved, the EGM must then be held no later than 30 days from the time the written request is received.