Our Board


President – Nicky Cottee

Nicky becomes the first President in Red River Rising history, and the first female President of a Canadian Premier League supporter group.  A decade spent passionately supporting both club and country led to some of the best experiences of her life, including a warp speed ride through Mexico City on a riot bus. Armed with the knowledge that even a small group of passionate supporters can make an incredible impact in the stands, she looks forward to leading Red River Rising into Investors Group Field this spring, in full song and voice.  She is the primary spokesperson for Red River Rising and the leader in carrying out our mission to grow the game of soccer in Winnipeg.

Vice President – Christopher Raposo

Christopher began supporting the Canadian National team in person in 1997 and since then has traveled across the country watching national and professional games.  He is excited to support Valour FC, to be part of something bigger, and to use his voice to lift the team no matter what. He is the operations manager leading game day efforts and is the liaison with Valour FC.

Treasurer – Adam Johnston

As the founding member of Red River Rising, Adam believes now is the perfect time for “The Beautiful Game” to come back to River City, and that becoming a supporter means not only being part of a fan club, but also a unique culture. Along with being the founder of the group he manages the finances of the group including our fundraising efforts.

Secretary – Kyle Gilson

Kyle has been supporting Arsenal for more than 25 years and in 2016 secured a ticket to view his team play at home at The Emirates Stadium in North London.  That trip stuck with him as he looks forward to growing the culture around Valour FC, including marching as a supporter’s group to the stadium, and showing Winnipeg what supporting footy is all about. Kyle will create the group’s bylaws and is responsible for recording the group’s history.



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