Membership Survey


EVERYONE is welcome in our section, and to join us on our marches, tailgates or viewing parties. You don't need a membership to be part of Red River Rising, but membership packages help to fund our activities throughout the year.   Activities include creating TIFO, banners and flags; maintaining drums and equipment; buying smoke for our marches, buying end of year player awards and putting on events/coordinating travel. 

This year we want to step up the atmosphere in 144, with regular TIFO, two sticks and potentially more drums and instruments.  Selling memberships will help us do that.

All memberships would include Standard benefits (voting rights, ability to run for Board positions, and game day discounts at partner locations).

Would you consider buying a membership?
Which of the following membership options would you consider?
Which of the following most appeals to you?
Is there anything else you would want in a membership package?