Photo of smoke in 144. Taken by Valour photographers

Hello everyone,

The RRR board has been in deep discussion with security and the club since the beginning of the season, and we’re excited to tell you…

Effective Sunday June 25th, as a trial we will be moving the Trench to Section 141, right behind the net. This will allow us to heckle the opposing goalie better, have a more traditional supporter section location AND……. have smoke IN OUR SECTION!

There are a couple of changes to the rules so read carefully, we think you’ll be very happy with the allowances the club has given us!

1. Moving forward, supporters in the trench WILL be able to set off smoke in our section. If you’d like to be a part of this please send a message to Tayler so she can fill in more details on how this is to be done!

2. We WILL be allowed to discharge multiple devices at once, however, they will only be discharged in the front row. The 2nd and 3rd row will be roped off for the time being to prevent any hot ash from flying into peoples faces. Roping off these 2 rows may change in the future.

3. This is probably the most important rule! There will be zero tolerance for verbally abusing referees after the final whistle when they head towards, and down the tunnel. Comments about the game or subtle taunts are okay but any derogatory comments or excessive swearing will not be tolerated. This is non-negotiable and WILL result in relocation of the trench.

The board would like to publicly extend a HUGE thank you to Wade, Kelly, and JT for their involvement in these changes. Not only did they respond and arrange a meeting for this very quickly, they are also being very accommodating with the freedoms they are allowing us.

For five years we’ve wanted a real football supporters atmosphere in our city. Today we took the first step towards that.

– The trench is finally behind the goal

– We are allowed smoke

We’re not stopping here. We are working on adding banners and tifo and more. The smoke is currently only in the first row but if we can show that smoke can be done safely we will push for an expanded phase 2 asap.

This is a call to everyone to come back and help full the trench. If the trench isn’t your thing fill the rest of the stadium and support our boys from there.

We are so excited to make 141 our new home and the ONLY TRENCH with the best experience in all of Manitoba Sports

Let’s show Manitoba how amazing and unique soccer culture can be!

Announcement originally posted on Facebook here

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