Football For All Pride Kit

We have created a Canadian Supporter Group Pride Kit to raise money for Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian charitable organization that helps LGBTQ individuals escape violence and persecution in their home countries. The design was created by a Forge Supporter, @kitnerdmark !!

Each kit will use the same design, with each Supporter Group’s individual crest on the chest. We will be using Olive & York as our production company.

Please Note: This is separate from our Prideraiser campaign. This started out with Red River Rising and expanded to the other CPL SG’s….but with all the fan crossover in BC, Whitecaps SG’s and TSS Rovers caught wind of it as well and asked to join.

This is a pre-order. It will be a minimum of 7-8 weeks before kits are ready.

Ordering window closes Monday, July 17 10:00am.


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