It’s Voyageurs Cup Time!

Tonight, Valour plays its first Canadian Championship match in Halifax (4:15 CDT).  For supporters, this tournament means a lot.  Affectionately known as the VCup, The Voyageurs Cup got its humble beginnings when a group of Voyageurs crowdfunded to purchase the cup.  If this story is new to you, you can read more about it here, but the most important thing you need to know is that this cup was made right here in Winnipeg.

Early stage cup games can be light on attendance but given the cup’s history with supporters and with Winnipeg, I would love to see us fill The Trench (and the stadium) for our home leg of the tie on June 12th.  If ever there was a game for us to be loud, it is this one.  A series win means we move on to play Ottawa Fury.  And after that? We would face Toronto FC, and that home game might just be our first chance to see IG Field at capacity for a Valour game.

So here we are.  We need your help to fill those stands and to make some noise.  Every season ticket holder has a ticket in their account for our June 12th match.  If you have a ticket, come.  If you don’t, buy one.  As of this moment, there are still 41 tickets left in 144.  Make sure you tell people that this game is happening (because many don’t know), and that if they have seasons, they have a ticket.  Encourage friends who are new to this to make the June 12th game their first.  And when we win and move on, make sure you buy a ticket for the next VCup home game (July 10th), because only the first is included in season ticket packages.

If you would like to watch the away game tonight, it will be streamed on OneSoccer, and shown at both Nicolinos,  Stone Angel and the Kings Head.

That Voyageurs Cup is coming home!

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