It all started with whispers and rumours. Then the whispers grew in volume, the rumours looked more and more like reality. There are many across the country who have supported the national teams for years calling for a better path for our players. The dream was our own leagues where the Canadian players’ development was put first, so that our national teams have a chance to make a bigger impact on the world stage.

And in 2016 a domestic league for the Canadian men looked like it was actually going to happen. That was the spark for founding member Adam Johnston to start the conversation online. He gathered soccer supporters to a common goal of supporting a Winnipeg team in the soon to be announced Canadian Premier League. We first met in person for our monthly pub nights in January 2017. It was a modest group, 8 of us in total, but we shared a common belief – that the prospect of a local team to stand and sing for would turn into a reality.

On May 6, 2017 it did. We will never forget the day that the league and its 2 founding teams – Hamilton and Winnipeg – were announced. We were all ecstatic and surprised with the news. Ecstatic that Canada Soccer was finally re-laying the foundation for a Canadian male player pathway. Surprised that Winnipeg was guaranteed a spot from the very beginning.

We got to work putting together the plan for our supporters’ group in earnest. We discussed what our purpose was – to grow soccer support in the community. We reached out to some of the other groups across the country to learn and share our thoughts. We met with the club to discuss how we could help create excitement for the team. That work continues.

Now we have the long road ahead of us to becoming the group we wish to be. We want to inspire Winnipeg to join us in standing with our team. We want to show the community that when we rise together we can achieve something bigger than when we do it alone.


So here is what we stand for.

Our vision is to be unmistakable in our identity at the stadium and in the community. We will leave a positive and lasting impression before, during, and after games. We will be a driving force behind the team.

Our mission is to grow the game of soccer in Winnipeg.

  • We will be the loudest voice for the Winnipeg team
  • We will be the lasting image of Winnipeg supporters
  • We will be the leaders in supporting our community and our team


You are welcome in our group. We would love to have you and we are grateful for everyone who joins. Collectively we will create the group that stands for the team.



As always, we can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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