We Have Work To Do

I spent most of Sunday morning still basking in the euphoria of Friday’s CPL launch. After long delays, many of us joked that the day might never come, but in recent weeks we started seeing indications that an official launch was near. While frustrating at times, in the end the wait was worth it.

Along with the new website and branding, an official confirmation of a Spring 2019 league kick off made this suddenly feel very real. We have less than a year which means it is time to get busy!  If your plan to support this league involves buying season tickets next year and cheering loudly in the stands, that is fantastic.  But there are many important ways we can all help out now.

It is vital that we keep the conversation going.  If you haven’t already followed the league’s social media platforms, do that now.  I mean that literally.  Take a pause from reading and visit Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.  The Voyageurs have made it really easy to change your social avatars to the CPL logo.  Just visit here and download your choice.  And then like, comment and share. Again and Again.

It has been said often, and more eloquently by others,  but it bears repeating.  We have to be evangelical about this.  And as Steven Sandor pointed out “we need to be preaching to a new choir”.  Yes, tell everyone you know, but also talk to complete strangers.  Be passionate and welcoming.  Don’t assume someone already knows. And don’t limit your reach to people in your own community. Tell your Aunt who lives half way across the country, and your old University roommate you haven’t spoken to in years.  Ask them to spread the word as well.  Keep doing this.  Don’t be afraid to sound like a broken record.

If you haven’t already, join a supporters group.  At this point, there are more supporters groups than there will be clubs in season one, and that is incredible.  Over the coming weeks, we are going to start learning which cities will be part of the inaugural season, and the supporters groups in those cities will be busy preparing to be loud and vocal in the stands next spring.  But if you live in a city that doesn’t have a team announced, your local group needs you even more.  They will be busy lobbying to make sure your city gets a team, and they will need your help.

And finally, if you can afford it, consider warming your wallet up now.  The driving force behind this league is increasing the opportunities and development pipeline for Canadian players.  Why not consider buying season tickets for a PDL, league one Ontario, or a PLSQ club?  Even if you don’t have a team in your community, your money can make a big impact.  This year I chose to buy season tickets for the TSS Rovers.  I don’t live anywhere near this club, but they embody the development mantra of the CPL and I was able to buy season tickets for both a men’s and women’s team, which is important to me.  I also didn’t have to worry that my tickets would go unused because the Rovers helped me donate both sets of season tickets to the local Boys and Girls Club.

The league’s branding launch on Friday felt like a unifying moment.  Together, we can build something special.  If you have your own ideas about how we can help, please share in the comments.

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