Christmas Wish List

Christmas Tree by Pexels via Pixabay. Under Creative Commons Public Domain

As they say, tis the season as the holidays are in the air. With just over four months until Valour FC’s first season in the Canadian Premier League (CPL), we are waiting like kids at the Christmas tree for the first kick off. With recent player signings and the U-Sports draft in the books, the picture is starting to become more apparent with what our team will look like.

As the stockings are being hung by the chimney with care, here are some things we wish for in the inaugural Valour FC season.

Signing an overseas well known International

With the CPL now in play, the potential is there for top Canadian internationals to potentially come home. Just dreaming of the likes of Ian Hume, Milan Borjan, suiting up for a CPL club is mouth-watering. While it is more likely in the future we could likely see a top calibre international suit up for Valour FC or in the CPL, it’s never too soon to dream the possibilities.

Goals, goals and saves

If two things get supporters excited is its great goals and saves. One thing next we want to see is plenty of both from our Valour FC players: Cracking goals and incredible saves. With the likes of proven goal scorer Stephen Hoyle coming from Canterbury United from New Zealand to midfielder and League One Ontario MVP Dylan Sacramento from Vaughn Azzurri, the sky is the limit for amazing goals between the two. Add the quick reflexes of Tyson Farago who played with FC Edmonton, and we could be seeing many beautiful memories at IGF.


Investors Group Field Have the Loudest Fans in The CPL

Winnipeg has a very passionate pro sports community. Whether its Winnipeg Jets fans are making Bell MTS Place one of the hardest places to play for visiting opponents, to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers having some of the loyalist fans in the Canadian Football League, this city loves its sports teams. Now with professional soccer back in Winnipeg, we are looking forward to building a new experience (loud colorful and passionate) which many Winnipeggers have not seen before. Whether it is marching to the match, signing all game long, waving flags, and having TIFO, as a supporters group Red River Rising will play a key role in creating a passionate game day experience that you can count on. We will bring the noise, passion, and color to the game helping us become the loudest and most intimidating fans across the CPL.

Developing and Building a Soccer Culture that’s Unique to Winnipeg

We hope that under the tree we can help to unwrap the ribbons of developing a strong soccer culture in Winnipeg that will last for generations past when we are gone. Whether it’s the UEFA Champions League, the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Brazilian Serie A, or Argentine League, the passion for clubs in these cities worldwide reflect the culture and history or each country, showing why it’s the people’s game.

With a demographic shift happening in Canada, favoring soccer, the launch of the CPL offers an opportunity to build and develop a thriving soccer culture in Winnipeg. One that will make everyone proud. By building upon a unique Winnipeg soccer culture, we will set the stage for creating a winning atmosphere.

As we head into the new year, these are some of the wishes we hope come true and hope for many more to come in Valour FC’s first few seasons. Join us in the Supporters section by becoming a member of Valour FC.

On behalf of everyone at Red River Rising, we wish you all an excellent holiday season and a Happy New Year.



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